Why the people of Zanskar needed the Mobile internet?

Though, today the Internet has been a notable part of our life, especially mobile internet which has a vast influence on the lifestyle of every person mainly seen in developed cities.

Internet and Mobile data services have been instrumental in the rapid growth of information technology and playing an important role in bridging the so-called digital divide in India. Today mobile internet has strolled into every house. Everything in the market even inside a house, are directly or indirectly depends on the internet connection. The advancement in technical field like digital marketing, online classes, online business, Online shopping, e-banking, UPI transaction, online care, online video call, etc progressing day by day in the respective field providing the most effective and easy living style to the customers/users.

Keeping in view the above para, I would like to talk over why the people of Zanskar needed the mobile internet.

Firstly Zanskar itself the remotest region of UT Ladakh, a subdivision of District Kargil of the union territory. The region constitutes a population of more than 14000, living dispersed throughout the region.

There was no mobile internet before jio which has launched in November 2020, though BSNL VSat has been installed at some panchayat halqas of the region for last three years. this system does not provide that taste of the Internet which we can feel from mobile internet. Due to its fewer objectives, students of the region even businessman need to migrate or shift to the other cities to fulfill their needs which negatively influenced the economy of the region, outputs, its development, etc. There is some positive side against the term migration that it helps in boosting the quality of life of people, job Opportunities. And the negative impact was that the students didn't have access to the Internet when in need, to join online classes was very tough for them while at Panchayat wifi especially in winter. Some had problems accessing the wifi connection due to technical problems which left their side dark. I also witnessed the same problems when I needed the internet for official purposes. The only reason that I have penned down this article is the mobile internet. The winter season partly responsible for the migration of students as the region remains cut off from the headquarter for several months. The region got recently a degree college sanctioned by the administration, which is functioning smoothly for the last two years and it is obvious that the students, teachers might have faced various dilemmas. The headquarter has some net cafes but were not fully functional due to the internet issue might have resulted in a delay in filling the online form, tenders, online ticket systems, etc. Some of the reason for the better internet connectivity as;

 1) Regional development:-

It comes to be a society of mindful citizens having an understanding of their rights and responsibilities. The banking system, transportation, education, and almost every sector is impacted by this advancement as the services become better. And this way, the entire region sprouts as a whole. The headquarter of the region "Padum" is developing at a very fast scale, the administration boosting its infrastructure development especially in the tourism sector. The area near Padum town is very plain it spread to the extent that there is enough space for the runway for airplanes.

2) Tourism:-

As far as tourism is concerned, the area constitutes enormous tourist spots and magnificent destinations for the outsiders to look over, like lakes, monasteries, glaciers, the cultures, the lifestyle of the people, life of the remote area, the Buddhist cultures, etc. Currently, the region is connected with Himachal Pradesh (Manali) in addition to Leh and Kargil. To explore the region further, the businessman linked to tourism need internet connectivity at a priority level as more than 70% of their works depends on it.

3) Business growth;-

With the availability of internet service providers in rural areas, the local business may see tremendous growth. The connectivity will enhance and resulting in many start-ups and small-scale businesses can reach potential customers directly.  The pre-existing businesses will be given a boost as they understand the trends and demands, while new endeavors could be made possible.

Similarly, there are other regions in Ladakh especially villages, where people especially students deprive of internet connection hence, need to be digitally connected.

Lots of things yet to discuss the benefit of internet connectivity especially mobile internet but I will stop my article here giving rest to the keypad.


Ajaz Ali is a junior engineer working at PWD subdivision Zanskar.

Meet him at www.shashilake.com

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