The Unforgettable Braqbushell/Braqshelshel

Everything/location has its own history and overwhelmed the living creatures by its natural beauty. Likewise in the childhood era, we have various memorable moments attached to such natural creatures or Other things. I am personally much attached to the one of which I am going to remind you. Every person wants to swim in a river or pond like a pro or some had in the past like me. So let's start brief the history of the unforgettable Braqbushel/Braqshelshel. There is a sub-flow of the Suru river in Kargil to the right side of the river passing nearby Park i:e; Sher-Bagh, on the right side, tracing a curve path and that lent shape to the flow and formed a river-cum lake named as Braqbushel/braqshelshel. The Braqbushel is located just downside of the vidyala colony of baroo Kargil. Part of braqbushell used to have still water(streamline flow) for the length of up to 10 meters, a width of up to 5 meters, and a depth of more than 6 meters. Just because of this, swimmers used to jump from a height of 5-8 meters into the water as entertainment also it was a challenge for many to jump from the height. On the upper side, the Speed of the water was enough high(turbulent flow) that it could take away all those things which come in the way even human too. But pro swimmers skillfully did that, It was a challenge for the newcomers to cross it by the swimming. Earlier at the age of 14, my friends and I were newcomers and we had fear of the depth and the flow of water in that part, therefore we used to swim in Chota braqbushell which was at the lower side of it. With the passage of time, we learned and managed to compete with the pro swimmers and finally took a step ahead and joined with pro swimmers. I remember that Kaka Mehboob encouraged us to swim there and to cross that flow at the upper side, slowly we learned to swim there too. After the next day, we used to come there daily to swim even on holiday thrice a day. The moments were awesome, to swim in the Braqbushel and to jump from that height into the water were not only a part of the swim but entertainment for us. After a jump from the height, the swimmers compelled to go to the bank to warm himself in the sand as the water was enough cold. Even some used to have black skinny for being in the sand for long hours.

Even after recess time during schooling, we used to come there to swim and had to reach back to school after one hour. We are that much attached to the Braqbushel that we prefer to swim there than to go for lunch during recess time.

On Sunday after having a cricket match at vidyala ground on the hot sunny day every one of us used to go swimming there. Unfortunately, the braqbushell has lost the beauty to nature later due to the gradual deposition of sands and rubbles washed by the river into it, also due to climatic changes, the structure has become a land with plantation spontaneously under nature influence. When we returned to see after a long time in 2017, we got fascinated. The transformation of the braqbushell completely into land explained the topographical changes in various lands and water bodies due to natural calamities that took place in the past.

. Only those will feels the pain of the loss who have shared memories with it.

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