The taste of 16 hours Journey

It was the day when every part of Ladakh has received unexpected snowfall of the season resulting in a white huge blanket covering the areas all around. The day when almost the whole system in and around halted for hours. We were in Zanskar during time, after a hectic period we decided to go to Kargil for holiday and the plan was finalized after 3 days. Earlier the weather forecast has predicted snowfall in the coming next consecutive days. But the belief system didn't digest that. As it was the month of October when almost autumn season there. the trees were at the stage of shedding their leaves and chlorosis at their warship with plants.

But from the evening the prediction starts appearing true and the next morning 4inches of snow accumulated outside and transformed whole into a white desert. After consecutive two days, snowfall led the highway closed for traffic resulting in the late opening of the road. We had to reach Kargil before 28 of oct but the laziness of the company toward highway clearance shivered the hope. Finally, after 3 days the road opened for traffic, we went to taxi stand for the arrangement of vehicles but there were no taxis left for us because the PAA exam was scheduled on 30 Oct. We were 4 in number during the time and decided to go by bus, full of labours already booked and that was our last option. Though I was not sure whether we may get a seat on the bus or not. Next, early morning went to the venue. There was also a truck along with the bus and an hour of discussion compelled us to travel in a truck boarding by the only driver (ka Hassan). We left for Kargil around 8 o clock in the morning. The sub-zero temperature trembled the whole body but thankfully ka Hassan gave us a blanket. It was my first journey by a truck on NH301. Ka Hassan started narrating stories, struggles of life, biographies etc while travelling. My two friends Er Zakir, Er Idrees and issaq along with me accompanied ka Hassan for the whole journey. The condition of the road was rough and left us disappointed. Three hours passed, still, we were lagging even taxis too. The undulation of the road resulted in higher amplification as the truck accelerated and we pretended to be ok in front of ka Hassan. After a while we reached Penzila pass, there was a convey of more than 70 vehicles from Zanskar toward Kargil. Slowly we managed our condition inside the truck and ka Hassan narrated the stories and we reached at rangdum near 3 pm.

The unfortunate thing was that we had nothing to eat during the journey even had not to breakfast. By reaching Rangdum I left first toward the hotel to give the order for food but found it empty even not a single biscuit was available at the moment. Felt very disappointed and continued the journey with a dried throat and empty stomach toward Kargil.

After 5 hours, we reached parkachik, there found a shop and bought chips and juice which gave us a small relief. But the wheels have yet to rotate. The whole surroundings were dark due to the eruption of electricity and the convey reached Panikhar. From there we left the truck after a token of love to Ka Hassan and boarded into the bus again. We reached sankoo city where the whole market found closed.

The whole journey was very tough from all sides. The rough/risk road, the empty stomach, the truck, the traffic left us very tired, exhausted, fried for a total of 16 hours in the whole journey.

Finally, we reached our destination and each one left one by one, at last, my destination reached. But all thanks to almighty Allah, that we all reached safely at home.

The brief description of the journey titled (the taste of 16 hours journey" ends here.

Thanks for your time

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