The Pandemic Evacuation

it was early morning when we started our travelling under district administration evacuaton plan at around 7am(19ramadhan) in the morning. when we got our seat confirmation by the nodal officer after sehri time, we got much excitement about the travel because we had been fed up with the lockdown and very hot and humid climate in jammu. The only ceiling fan battled against the heat and but had lost the battle.

Now after seat confirmation, we completed our travelling formalities hour before leaving the room. We boarded by the bus at around 7:30 early morning, but the very unfortunate thing we saw that there were no any social distancing inside the bus. we three were on seated by shoulder to shoulder. After screening at sidhra, we left jammu around 9: am. We were informed by friends to carry essential items like foods and clothes because traveller had to bear the whole 428kms in the same bus. We reached at chanderkote from where we bought some fruits and water bottles. We had some talks with each other about the journey and the covid guidlines in the bus. There was two teen boy carried a hand sanitiser with them. They used to sanitize their hand after every hour. we talked to them, about it and they just replied with a shy smile.

We were accompanied buy another 21 buses from jammu for kargil. At around 1:30 am we reached at sonamarg and all the buses stopped there for rest. Everyone rushed to the hostel for dinner. After that we went to sleep. Next morning around 6:00 am we wokeup and had a cup of tea with a biscuit and that was our breakfast. After that we had some photoshoot near the premise enjoyed the beauty of the dale. Everyone were busy in their own. The climate was so cold enough, the freezed air coming from the nearby river had almost covered the area.

After that we left for kargil. We stucked at the top of zojila pass for half an hour due to road maijntenance. At menamarg, there we had our screening for covid-19 one by one. The officials were very serious about the screening as they scolded some buses for not obeying the rules, even people were not allowed for toilet but later showed mercy.

The scenery after zojila took us to our native village. The snow, the barren lands, the mountains remembered our hometown memories. Finally after few hours we reached at council office kargil where we deboarded for next journey. We had tea there provided by the ISK under the name of safeer e mola ali a.s. After couple of hour we boarded in our next bus towards our village and we reached our respective destination after 42 hrs of long journey.

The story was something interesting, i might not able to express the real feelings of the travel.

But hope you enjoyed.

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