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05/02/20 Ajaz Ali 

   Once there was a time 😂... During my childhood, I used to live in my hometown Kargil, my childhood memories left lots of impression in my life., whenever I see a small boy of my childhood age I instantly remembering the days I spent. Few of the memories are something like. Before going for the story, I request you read with interest otherwise may not have a taste. We were 6-10 friends used to live in baroo colony area, among us some of them still living there. All of us fond of games since the beginning and never left any Holiday to go as waste, as much as we could we played. Some childhood games like Bana Game, card, tongpari, skate, pendong, cricket, etc.   Every evening we used to play cricket at Vidyalaya ground after school timetable. Our team known to be the best team as we lift the number of trophies at that time. Our consistency in playing cricket left no stone unturned to achieve the best players. But I am interested in pen down my winter memories 😁

During harsh winter, when everyone sticks to the heater, chimney, And other heating systems, on the other hand, legend like us used to go for ice skate at the frozen ponds, bank of River shivering whole body with frozen wet trouser sleeves. As Ladakh is known for the Coldest region during winter, hence the formation of ice near the bank of the river even near the water sources, is a common issue due to which we don't feel the absence of the ice for the skate.

Let me tell u How skate is being ride and how it is designed?

The composition of local skate is something like, with the use of two pipes of 15-25cm in length each, parallel to each other fixed with a wooden plate by a nail or uses of iron alone too (see the picture). At least 2 people can board over it facing toward each other, one as a controller and another as a passenger. Every day almost two three-time we use to go for ride on ice. interesting thing is that sometimes at someplace due to less thickness of ice formed over the water, it becomes a challenge for us to ride over it. whoever ride over that section, He may get praising. For us to dry that wet-frozen jacket sleeves and pant sleeves becomes another challenge so to be safe from parents scold. Hence we used to have 🔥 using wood on the riverside or at some other place till evening adhan(Prayer). I remember that while going tuition we used to carry small size skat in Bag and while the return from tuition we used to have skate on main road downward. With the passage of time, things went moving and my friends dispersed accordingly. But I am fascinated over the modern childhood that their lifestyle is almost different from ours. There used to be a very interesting moment while playing with friends during our time but today's generation are sticked to electronic gadgets, mobile games which result in an introvert. Today children are very prone to electronic gadgets at an early age which is very unfortunate. This issue has mentioned in my article published earlier named Power of Gadget. So I don't want to add any more here as I was just trying to recap memories... Thanks for your valuable moment while reading my small short story.

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