The Darkside of the lockdown in UT Ladakh

The covid 19 situation becoming alarming day by day despite preventive measures taken by govt/ local administration. Being a highly populated country after China, India is witnessing a drastic death rate since covid 2nd wave. After all, Almighty Allah has power over the creatures in the universe. Inshallah may the pandemic end soon.

Coming to the main part of the article. Here I am gonna redirect you all to the dark side of the lockdown in UT Ladakh. I have penned down this article to raise the voice for the sake of peoples from the remote areas of the region with my pen.

Though the administration/local government always trying to break the chain of the covid-19 2nd wave by implementing lockdown in the respective areas. Various departments are ordered to follow the SOPs and shoppe keepers too. Alternate opening of shops is ordered by the administration to minimise the unnecessary engage of peoples in and around the market which is the main things to realize. The school's colleges are closed in the entire region even in the whole country to halt the engagement of students. The mentioned comments reduce the spreading of the 2nd wave but despite the steps, still some shop owners, taxi unions claiming of being unsatisfied over the administration order by forbidding them to run along with other permitted shops on alternate bases. Of course, the administration must heed their grievance too. But besides that, one of the most important and heart-wrenching things to know is the education of the students from backward areas and those who belong to poor background family.

The United Nations Convention on the Rights of the Child states that governments should provide primary education for all based on equal opportunity. To weigh the costs of school closures against public health benefits, it is crucial to know whether students are learning less in lockdown and whether disadvantaged students do so disproportionately.

As education is now directly dependent on the digital platform as the pandemic causes huge panic among the mass. Various schools College operating their classes on the internet to confound the problems facing regarding syllabus, classes management, etc. For that, every student needs a smartphone to attend the classes which in turn need internet access. There are various remotes areas of Ladakh where Internet access are still a dream for the residents. And those student belongs to these regions are abandoned by the education depth of the region. A family which are not in a position of buying a smartphone for their kids even for themselves need monetary help or something else from the administration. Or their kids must get some help regarding their education or any other option so that these students may get equal right for education. Students from rich/average background are enjoying online classes whenever they are willing to study. In some remotes areas of the region where students have to bear the day-long sunlight in the open sky for long hours to attend the online classes, which is very disappointing.

"I met a person who told me that he is impelled to leave his smartphone to their kid as he is working far from his hometown" I broke out at the moment. Another one claimed that his children's future is at risk being from a poor background.

Though every student in the entire world facing problems regarding education but the govt need to come up with an alternate innovative idea to tackle the problems of these students. People from the poor section always at the front to suffer the problems hence such lockdown implementation must come up with step for the sake of these peoples.

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From the window of my room

The funds in the education sector must spend these days for the students from poor section as monetary help so that they might get the right to education as others got. Investment in the education sector needs to rectify to bring revolution in the field of education.

The inference of the article is that bring innovative ideas in the field of education by investing funds whenever such kind of school colleges closures happen and provide monetary help for the students from a poor background and install mobile towers with internet in remote areas to make their career colourful.

Author:- Ajaz Ali

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