The Chadar Trek


Place: Zanskar

"Trek on ice sheet"

You might have heard about the famous trek in Ladakh region i;e; THE CHADAR TREK.Lets follow the article to know all about the trek.

The Chadar Trek or the Zanskar Gorge is a winter trail over the frozen Zanskar River, It is one of the famous treks in Ladakh region where thousands of tourists/travellers from India even all over the world participate every year during winter to taste the challenges of the trek and is becoming very popular and favourite among all travellers/trekkers. The trek is very unique because of being set over the frozen river of Zanskar, It comes in between subdivision Zanskar, district Kargil and Leh district of Union territory Ladakh. The trek is situated at an altitude of around 11,078 feet and the overall distance is approximately 105 kilometres (65 mi) – an average trekker walks 16 kilometres (10 mi) per day. the walk on the frozen river feels like a small trip to the North Pole.

Chadar trek starts from Chilling however with time the organisers tend to drive ahead to about 1 km away from the first camp at Tilad Sumdo (10,390 ft). Over the next days, the trek moves to higher camps until Nerak (11,150 ft). This is the frozen waterfall and the return point of the trek.

Food and accommodation:

The ration is carried through sledges, tents and extra stuff by the porters and the kitchen wealth by the cooks. Due to its remoteness to the world. The trek is being done in between mountains over the frozen river where almost no villages present nearby, it has its beauty bounded by snow-covered mountains.

When does the trek open?

The best time to go for  Chadar Trek is in January or February as the ice sheet is thick and solid to walk for long kilometres otherwise the frozen thin ice sheets may become fatal.

Typically, the first week of January to end-February is when most groups carry out trekking in the Chadar Trek. The trek is certainly not easy, but if you are enthusiastic enough, committed to doing once then go-ahead.

The drastic challenge of this trek is not the geography but the violent cold weather that becomes a challenge to people of all age. The trekker requires Proper clothing, trekking shoes, hydration and food to withstand the challenging moments that thrives in sub-zero temperature. The temperature, in general, dips to twenty degrees below the freezing point and sometimes goes even below.

Ladakh Being one of the coldest places in the world hence due to the harsh circumstances on the trek, one finds shelter in the caves, camping on the river banks, make the destination ‘do before you die” trip while having the trek.

Ladakh which constitute two districts viz; Kargil and Leh, both have a treasure of hidden beauty which are yet to explore.

Source wikipedia.

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