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Updated: Apr 13, 2020


Ajaz ali 09/01/19 Narrated by beloved papa

By the grace of almighty Allah today we are living a luxurious life having different kinds of stuff that we need. Whenever we desire something today those are available to our doorstep. Allah is one who is Forgiving, Allah is one who is Merciful, Allah is the one who loves to forgive. Alhamdulillah for everything.”  But when you see a few decades back you will dumbfound how the people of that era used to live their life,  how they complete their basic needs,  how much they had to struggle for a normal life.     Let me tell u a story  narrated by my father titled as "struggle for life"

 After independence day,  life in some place of India starts becoming progressive at a fast rate than other parts. But on the other hand, the Ladakh region still backward in terms of development and average living standard despite 72 years post-independence.  Now here you can think what would b life before 50 years in Ladakh.  Here I am going to tell you the story of a place somewhere in  Ladakh region.           Once there was a time,  those people with no trusted job had to struggle for life a lot in order to feed their families. They used to have only or two-room with small-sized windows just to give the sign of day and night,  fitted to the wall made of small stones bonded each other with the mix of mud and straw.  To protect the house from cold during winter they used to have burn woods and cow dung and with the passage of time progressing in living standard behold.       There was no medical aid to cure diseases and if in case of any emergency they used to bring local consulter "aba or amchi" who cure the patient by own technique.       But there was something interesting to know about the economy.   At that time, a goat/sheep which today cost for more than 5k was only for 50 paise and the wages of worker were 50 paise or a maximum of 1 rupee. The salary of govt employes was in the range of 100rs  to 400rs which is a small amount today given to the children as a gift. That's interesting!!     They used to have a trade of exchange of things there was trade between India and Pakistan via kharul skardo viz; one used to go skardo(Baltistan)  via kharul in shilikchay to bring apricot and come back to Leh Ladakh where they exchange it with basic food items and it took them around one month to reach back home. Most of them used to ride horse to travel long distances as it was only the mode of transportation for them at that time.  Life was so hard,  they had to struggle overmuch.     Besides of these, There was no proper clothing for them,  they used to wear a long "goncha" a woolen clothes weaved by their own family member and their grandpas were enough experts to make/ weave goncha.  The raw material for goncha comes from goat/sheep as these cattles were domestic since that time. For shoes, they used to wear a loosen skin of animals shaped in such a way that they can walk easily.        Still lots of things to pen down but these are enough to read. I found myself in deep while listening to the story.

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