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Updated: Apr 17

Last year like every other industry, the Ladakh tourism industry also impacted hugely with a very low tourist inflow due to the pandemic. But hope the situation may settle soon.

Here I would like to mention some beautiful places where you should visit this year with your family and friends. Because these areas are still unexplored. Whenever a tourist visits Ladakh then some of them returned without visiting these places of the Kargil district of the Ladakh region. Due to less marketing, expedition, exploration, these areas have less tourist inflow. The areas are capable to attract tourists with their beauty, adventures, and Uniqueness. Ladakh tourism department is stepping fast to boost these areas to take up in the list of best tourist spots of Ladakh.

1)Top tourist place in kargil, UT Ladakh

  1. Hunderman Broq( Indo Pak border)

  2. Suru Valley

  3. Chiktan Fort( Chiktan Khar)

  4. Shashi Lake

  5. Mulbekh Statue

  6. Zanskar valley

  7. Sapi Lake

  8. Aryan Valley

  9. Drass valley

The above-mentioned hotspots are the best places for a Ladakh trip.

I must say most of the tourist mistakenly takes Leh as wholly Ladakh region by separating the duo districts of the region. Actually, UT Ladakh constitutes two districts viz Leh and Kargil both separated at a distance of 220 km from each other.

Talking about the package or budget for a trip to ladakh , it varies from time to time and varies accordingly to the respective travel agencies. But the budget is very affordable. You will get there both cheap and expensive hotels to stay. Mostly guest houses take cheap rent.

If you take an aeroplane as means of transport then You will be the first step in Leh district. on the other hand, if you take the vehicle through Kashmir via Zojila Pass, then you will first step into Kargil district. There are more than two routes to enter into the land of peace(LADAKH).

  • Manali-Leh highway

  • Srinagar-Kargil Highway

  • Manali Zanskar Highway

  • Direct flight to KBR Airport Leh, Ladakh

Hope you might have got the right idea about Ladakh trip 2021, and the tourist hotspot which I have discussed above.

Have a memorable Ladakh trip 2021.

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