Is there any humanity alive in UT administration to accept their grievance?

Updated: Apr 13, 2020

Very unfortunate, People are not aware of the adaptation that plays a vital role in a living being to become stable at the respective environment.

let's read the whole article....

As we all know the current situation of Covid-19 which wrapped the entire world into its fist, taking many lives, many infected worldwide. Every country doing its best to vanish the pandemic keeping in view the safety of people. But on the other hand, many others cause taking the lives of many who are being ignored by us. You can find the data on google.

But I am here want to tell that why the UT Ladakh administration doesn't understand the grievance of stranded people outside Ladakh especially Pilgrims. There are many old aged pilgrims among them. They have been kept in quarantine for the last 3-4 weeks. They are not enough adapted to bear the temperature of that state, they are fragile from the heart. The anxiety, stresses due to the COVID-19 situation also overstressing them even Healthy people are not able to bear it. They have spent their entire life in Ladakh only, and are only adapted to the environment of Ladakh.

If the administration really wants to save the life of people of Ladakh then why they are not taking the stranded pilgrims seriously especially the old aged pilgrims. They are tired of being begging for an evacuation since February. Is there any humanity alive in the UT administration to accept their grievance. The pilgrims think that to be at their own native soil might relieve them enough to bear the situation than to be on outside Ladakh.

I know that the administration worries about pandemic carriers but they are ready to be in quarantine even after reach in Ladakh, also they are shown negative for the test. At least evacuate them.

At last, I request UT Ladakh administration kingly evacuate them early as much as possible.

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