How much i earned from blogging? Let's disclose here

Hello, friends welcome back. As you are well aware that I have been here for the last two year on blogging with a motive that never let the today and tomorrow went the same.

So let's start from the day when I opted to blog. I don't know the exact date, when I started the journey of blogging, i was zero. By surfing the internet i got to know the term blogging and i started to research over it though i was very fond of writing articles at the time.

Then I got help from youtube about blogging and website building. I watched various blogging and website building free videos. Then started my first blog with a name Wodnas blog

I wrote many articles there, customised my blog many times to make SEO friendly so that the blog may rank. A mistake that we do whenever we want to achieve something that is an investment. We always trying to get something/earns without doing hard work/investment. I invested a small amount of money over it to get the domain. After a few months, I went to Wix platform there I built another website that is this one Shashilake. I was very curious to earn money online, and till now I earned an amount of 8 thousand something. This is a big achievement for me because the income means I learned something new.

You can surf the internet about blogging income by other bloggers who spend lots of time over it, but due to some busy schedule, I couldn't make it possible to reach higher income. At the start you will not get any income, things will improve slowly and it will take time to become stable. If you want to achieve something then you need to have double P i:e Passion and Patience. If you are best in writing and creativity then I must suggest you have a blog.

Use your skill uniquely, don't follow blindly .

Yet I need to scratch the blank paper further.

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