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Updated: Apr 15

As I have been in home Quarantine for 9 days and how I spent the days, God knows well. Being in home Quarantine while following the guidelines are a bit tough to obey.

Here I am gonna tell you a story of my single Quarantine day. The whole scene is taken from the window of my room.

The day starts with hot rays of light coming from sun piercing the window strikes to the sleepy face. At around 11 am i woke up and after refreshing myself, seated near the window. I am seeing outside the window of my room that the chirping of birds ended, the hot sunny day, children playing their games, women busy in their Agri-works, some passing by the houses giving a hand wish to me with a smile And some sitting on their terrace.

And to the large extend I am seeing houses, enthralling green fields and trees are all bounded by the Huge mountains from either side enhancing the beauty of the village.

I wished to go outside to enjoy the beauty and to greet with friends and relatives but home Quarantine not allowed to do so. The day passing slowly and the Muazzin calls aazan from masjid for the Nimaz e zuhur. Responding to the call I go for ablution and completed Prayers in my room.

After nimaz, I went outside to taste the slow-moving breeze in the silent hot Sunny day as being bored inside the room. An hour later, the same window again insisting me to be there, but this time I go for the internet because the blessed wifi available for me only post noon. After spending 2 hours on the internet, I took the telescope and watched the scenery of the mountains and plateaus. The scene outside the window starts becoming shady with the dawn of the sun towards the peak of mountains. The Women returning from the fields after completing their day works towards their respective homes for evening formalities like iftar preparation, cattle feeding, etc. Boys are still busy at their respective works. I am sharing part of the happenings inside the village seeing from the window.

I have many other items available in my room to ameliorate such as laptop, television, mobile, books, telescope, and some other small stuff but while on fast plus all days within the house, it doesn't make myself a relief or getting interested to be engaged with these things. The time is near to iftar and having some talks with my family members. As earlier I mentioned that to obey the home Quarantine rule is a bit tough and therefore keeping trust on Almighty Allah, I removed the face mask and went to the kitchen seated with blessed family members for iftar.

Similarly other days went through the same with little changes.

At the end I would like to quote one thing that is very needed to have;

To be with family members is a blessing of God and to help/serve/abet them is an opportunity to make Both Allah and the aged parents happy.

At last thanks for your time to read the small story. Though I am not an expert in writing to express the actual matters to the readers but tried to some extent to color the scene. I hope you got enjoyed and please don't forget to hit like button plus Share.

Your suggestions are welcome 😊

Inconvenience regretted

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