From Sehri to Iftar! an extract.

Being boring is also boring.

the article is just expressing thought in Ramadhan.

"May Allah show us the right path"

The day starts with sehri around 3:00 am. The time when some sneezing in a fallen dream, some making tilding taldang inside the kitchen, some scrolling social media for the whole night till sehri the with red eyelids in fear of may not wake up for sehri, and some playing the so-called games. After having sehri and worship, I usually go for another scroll, because of having too much addicted to the small screen due to the lockdown. At 6 am I go to the bed for deep sleep, and I am seeing from the window, the neighbor doing yoga on the terrace showing Yoga a basic exercise to keep physically fit.

At around 11-12 am I wake up for the daily routine as my day starts from here. Although keeping up with the study routine is extremely important as a student, I think taking care of the mental and physical health during these times takes precedence overall. I make sure to spend a minimum of half an hour outside every day to make sure my skin is being exposed to the sun and fresh air.

Interesting thing is that, The only ceiling fan of my room alone battling for the sake of me against the hot jammu season as i am being fed up with the sweating.

The entire day ends being laying on the bed. Around 6 pm, I go to the kitchen for iftar meal preparation. In the month of Ramadhan to be in the kitchen for long hours to prepare iftar is a challenge while fast. At the time I remember, my mother/ sister did all this for iftar and sehri without any excuse. May Allah Bless them. Sometimes I start to weep inside while in the kitchen, reminding the past days when I complain unusual things to them for not having these, those, etc.

My social media during day:-

Very funny here, my twitter account is full of post begging for evacuation and criticizing the administration. Earlier i was not been active on twitter till March 2020. It is the evacuation campaign, that insisted me to be active on twitter. And talking about Instagram and WhatsApp, it takes 1hr to watch the status of friends, amid lockdown, almost all of them keeping their status up to date. At start of lockdown we went through youtube for recipes in the past days. but later fed up after a week.

Being in quarantine doesn’t need to be so boring — I take all this free time as an opportunity to take up new things.

Obviously, nobody needs to do exactly what I’m doing to cope with being in quarantine. I believe that as long as you're staying healthy in your own way and are maintaining a healthy and happy state of mind then that's more than enough these days. By The  way good news is that the administration will evacuate us soon Thank for your time.

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