Is india preventing the spread of covid19

Everyone is talking about the lockdown, that the lockdown is a principle step to control the coronavirus. in broad ways, I also agree over it but the question which I consider should be from every one of you, will it help us to end up on the coronavirus and to control the spread? I would say that no, the lockdown itself cant help us to fight the pandemic because the pandemic has a carrier also who doesn't know about it and might roaming around us. In India, there is 130 crore population but still, the number of tests is less than 2.5 lakh, and the way testing is done in India is not a proper solution to tackle the spread of the virus. Almost 2 months over since its first case detected in India and there is not speedy testing in India which actually should have been there. After detecting the first case of COVID-19 in India, within two months there was only up to 5000 tests have been done, which clearly shows how fast India is doing the testing. The cases jumped 3 times when testing speed increased in India after 1 April. The coronavirus case till now(13 April) in India crossed 11 thousand and the death of more than 300 people. The cases are emerging very fast and it is an indication to the health minister of India not act like the tortoise game. And the lockdown should work effectively at the village level. There are many districts in India where no positive case comes till now but if care not been done early then things may happen inverse. People also need to cooperate with the orders issued by the government.

The country like America has engulfed by the pandemic despite being a powerful country and others too. There is no doubt that the Indian health care system is not advanced as there is no proper ppt kits are being provided to the doctors, nurses, though this is the basic protection for doctors.

Let's see when will India success to stop the pandemic spread and hope for the best.

The creator of the universe knows well.

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