Career option in dilemma|| what next

while i was scrolling the chrome browser for half an hour, Suddenly i got an article which have designed as such that i am insisted to read that because that was from my range of interest . The article structured in such a way that it compelled me to have an article from my side.

The article was about career after 12th. Here i would like to tell the student who is in between 8th to 12th standard even passout.

let's start, as we all know whenever a student is asked to choose an aim/career for his future with respect to his interest then the students mostly opt either Engineering or Medical(MBBS etc). Why ?

Because since decade among parents there is trending to guide their children to crack entrance exams so to grab seat in engineering and medical colleges and of course this is not Bad. Both the profession have huge respect in society and required for the sake of society. But this trending impacts coming generations in such a way that they are not exposed to other opportunities after 12th just because they compelled to follow the seniors and not getting proper guidance in choosing career. If we take a survey among 10 student definitely there would be 60% who may preparing for both the aforementioned professions and rest 40% for all others which should not happen. So here i will tell you some of that options where you can make your career. In IITs the recruiter don't take the students based on their branch but according to skill they acquired in other short courses. I mean to say that scope are much embedded in other coursess. Just decode them.

Make sure your career choice reflects your personality and your interests.

After reading for more than a decade in school, this is the time to choose a career path in which you can be confident and most importantly satisfied.

Courses like;

Hospital Management

Hotel Management

Human Resource Management

Social Work


Journalism and Mass Communication

Film/Drama Production

Fine Arts


Digital marketing

Graphic Designing


Bachelor of Arts

web courses

Diploma in Elementary Education (D.El.Ed.)/Bachelor of Education (B.ed.)

Corporate Intelligence


Food Science and Nutrition

Interior Designing

Library Sciences

Nutrition and Dietetics

Physical Education

Sports And Sports Management

Tourism & Travels

Information Communications And Entertainment

Don't worry whether these course have scope in your region. There is and will be in future. I am trying to say that Don't force urself to those profession where you are not comfortable, Choose according to your interest.

Rest courses you know well which are choosen by seniors.

A small opinion shared here.

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