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Updated: Apr 15

"mana senmo song ody jaga"


It was early morning when I was preparing for breakfast suddenly I got a call from my friend and he told me for a surprising thing. I insisted him to reveal and he replied achanak day tour. so with some discussion, we decided to have a trespone tour. Later I called another friend to join the program and accepted. I prepared lunch for them at my home at byamathang. Both of them reached around 12 o’clock and I welcomed them and we had lunch at 1 o'clock. After lunch, we discussed the vehicle whether by public bus or personal. Then one of them said that he will bring his dad’s car and it was Maruti Suzuki. As all of us don’t know well about driving, only one of us knows a bit to drive. And we started our journey from byamathang locality. Bismillah he started the car and I was on the front seat to look after the negligence or fault if occur. We were three on board. We took the way to trespone and on the way, we found low fuel (paisa jeb mein nahi aur yahan tel b khatam hai) and we went to the petrol pump and came back via titichumik bridge but unfortunate case there was traffic police on the highway and we stopped some far and decided whether we will be caught or not. We fell upset Lil bit there and had some chips and drinks from the nearby shop and had a look for the condition of the already caught vehicle there. Later we move by them and they stopped us and asked for identity and documents. Meanwhile, we felt fear of ceasing the vehicle but thanks god we were with all documents. They allowed us to travel and we left for trespone with some gossips where the driver only knows that he has steering in his hand and is fixed only to hear the gossips(junior driver). Luck is something like we didn’t meet with any HMV on the highway and we proceed toward trespone. In the midway, we had our drink and chips at chutuk and `had rest for half an hour there and continued our journey and reached Kargil floor mill station at khumbuthang from where we retract our journey. Meanwhile, we had a call for a friend there for tea but unfortunately, he was out of reach, that’s our luck. We congratulated him there on his first-ever long driving and praised for the way he managed the situations in traffic and on the highway as it was almost tough for a junior person to handle vehicles from the opposite side in narrow roads. And we returned from there and reached SURU DE CAFÉ restaurant and We chose a table, seating ourselves, and ordered for some light food there. We were impressed by the interior design and the staff of the café. We had some photo shots there like a selfie.

Luckily I met with my some fellows(anwer, askary nad zaman) there who were on their trip and glad to see them. At around 5 pm after having small kinds of stuff there we continued our way back and finally, we reached shagaran baroo. The journey/trip remained a memorable one because of that junior driver with local BMW Maruti Suzuki. The driver was emran khan.

"The trip is short but it is a very good one than any other trip I have ever taken. Traveling with my friends, I have different feelings about everything, though I have experienced it before. But what’s different is that I can share these feelings with my friends, so do they. With different people, you have different feelings. And this is also why the trip with friends can be so interesting and fascinating to me".

Thanks for reading the short story.

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