4 lesson from Zojila Closure, Shortage in Kargil, UT Ladakh

Note:- Region means especially Kargil district. Manali Leh highway has not discussed here.

Date 19/04/21

Nevertheless, the entire region of Ladakh was and is mostly dependent on Zojila Pass to inflow and outflow of many things, even humans too. For the whole summer season, all the commercial activities used to be through the Zojila Pass which is the main obstacle for the Ladakh region during winter for road transport.

The Zojila pass which is at an altitude of 11516ft above sea level, serves as a 6 month closed Gate for the region. The activities which are to happen through the Srinagar Kargil National highway via Zojila pass are limited to at least 6 months of the summer season. After that, due to snowfall, the whole region of Ladakh becomes a lone survival for the next 5-6 months in the winter season. Though air transport activities are there for the required purposes like public travelling etc but not a satisfied one especially for the people of Kargil district. The market in the headquarter records the acute shortage of essential food items like packed milk, vegs and non-veg items. The shortage of essentials is adversely affecting life in the district. Only Allah knows, through what condition some families have gone through.

Lesson from the Harsh winter life:-

  1. Despite the same crises happening for decades still, the subsequent government have not yet come up with a solution to tackle the crises. Today the 21 century, some governments dare to set up hotels in spaces, send peoples to Mars, etc on the other hand our UT Ladakh government can not supply limited essential stocks to the resident of the region for the winter season where the population is hardly up to 3 Lakh. There are lots of reasonable ways to meet the demand of people for the winter season if the government step in like the agriculture sector, entrepreneurship startups, the civil airport in Kargil, etc.

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  1. Besides that, we the citizens of the region are also responsible for the condition in winter because we have never tried to become independent in some sectors and still dependent on zojila which supervised a harsh living condition in winter even in the era of technology. We have the potential to grow various essential local stocks through the agriculture department and independent entrepreneurship. Foods like Green leaves, cabbages, cauliflowers, potato, turnip, tomato, etc Can easily grow in the greenhouse by practising the latest scientific notions. We lack local entrepreneurs for the startups. There is some small-scale business running by some local Womens as they selling dried leaves, potatoes, turnips and other possible items by their end during winter when there is an acute shortage of essential food items. I salute them for the steps.

  2. The region has practising cattle feeding since the ancestral period and is continuing generation by generation and has the potential to develop on a large scale. The diary industry very needs and is an important business to set up in the region as it will compensate the milk demand and by-products in the market, especially in winter.

  3. Kargil airport is the main demand from the people of Kargil and it should be because through this we may get rid of the long queue for tickets in AN 32 courier services for travelling and its cancellation policy. The essential commodities can easily be transported if required in winter. E-commerce business startups will take birth for which one might wait for so long.

Besides the above-mentioned things, further lots of things to pinch for the failure which you can think of on your own.

The inference of the article is that we need to boost our economy by encouraging entrepreneurs to start their business on a large scale. Government must take this as a priority level. We have to become independent now for at least the things that we can do in our region. We need to expand the agricultural business through various schemes using the proper use of the so-called rivers and the only demand which is Civil Airport in Kargil for which the whole people of the district deprived of.

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